Ground searcher, dog handler and 
certified wilderness search dog 

Ohio Valley Search and Rescue Dog 
Association Member 1996 - present, 
Secretary 1998, 
Training Officer 1998 - present, 
Vice-President 2000 - present 
National Association for Search and 
Rescue  (NASAR); 1997 
Kentucky Area 3 Search and Rescue 
1996 - present 

Kentucky Basic Search and  Rescue (BSAR) - October 1996 
Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (FUNSAR) NASAR - April 1997 
Search and Rescue Technician Level III (SARTECH III)  NASAR - June 1997 
Boat Safety Course - June 1997 
Search and Rescue Technician Level II (SARTECH II) NASAR - November 1997 
Basic Urban Search & Rescue Awareness - February 2000 
Boat Safety Course - August 2000 
Rope Rescue Training - June 2000 
Hug a Tree Presenter - June 2001 
Hazmat First Responder - July 2001 
Maintain CPR and American Red Cross First Aid Certification
Indiana Medical First Responder (PSTI) Jan 2002
Emergency Response to Terrorism: Basic Concepts EFD/ NFA/FEMA  Feb. 2004
Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings EFD/ New Mexico Tech/ EMRTC  Feb. 2004
IS-700 "National Incident Management System", National Incident Management System NIMS)
Department of Homeland Security/FEMA Training Institute Sept.  2005
Indiana DHS Hazardous Materials Awareness Level -October 2005

Axe is a black, male Labrador mix.  He has been a certified wilderness airscent dog since 1997.  Axe is an eager search dog with a deep bark that he puts to good use when alerting his handler that he has located his victim.  Axe enjoys wilderness, water and cadaver searching. 
Indiana PSTI " Building Search Techniques-  February 2003

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